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Featured Image DJ MANNY

3:36 min

DJ Manny, the reigning king of sensuous footwork music brings us Crossover, his brand new digi single of hyper ethereal glory. A mastermind of meshing lush R&B auras with perplexing percussion as heard on his recent Signals in My Head album, here he plays with similar soothing chord progressions, but takes them in a more eerie rather than elegant direction. Serene, rather minimal sections of bass and synth and intermittent battle breakdowns are tied together by a gritty, serpentine lead that perfectly creeps through the track. One minute you’re suspended in animation, the next you’re in a wormhole. This wonderful bending of time and space is what footwork is all about, and Manny does it masterfully every time he touches the keys or the drum pads.

Cat. No. TEKLIFEFLX004. ©2022 Teklife Records.
Written, Produced, and Engineered by DJ MANNY.
Mastered by TIMBO LLC.
Teklife LLC.


Featured Image